WildStar Progress

RankGuildServerWorld FirstsProgress
1 us Enigmana Avatus46/6
2 us Death and Taxesna Rowsdower06/6
3 us Voodoona Pago16/6
4 us NO LIFE LOSERSna Avatus06/6
5 us CKNna Avatus05/6
6 us Resurgencena Pergo05/6
7 us Subterfugena Rowsdower05/6
8 us Team Avidna Pago05/6
9 us Addictionna Pergo04/6
10 us No Quarterna Stormtalon04/6

RankGuildServerWorld FirstsProgress
1 international Eugeniceu Hazak16/6
2 france War Legendeu Treespeaker06/6
3 international Codexeu Hazak06/6
4 germany Unleashedeu Progenitor05/6
5 international Codex RG2eu Hazak05/6
6 germany Chaseeu Ikthia05/6
7 international Wipe Inc EUeu Ascendancy05/6
8 russia Black Knightseu Hazak04/6
9 international Nihilumeu Hazak04/6
10 international Namelesseu Hazak04/6

Submission Times

Posted by: Raive 06-10-2014 11:45:54

Been getting crazy messages on how to handle submission times and to be frank, I am not sure how something like this could slip through the cracks. The current problem will create a living hell for any form of tracking of this capacity. What we intend is for all kills submitted to be based off of the current server time, however given that right now all achievements display the time of the individual player (assuming it's the time on the computer), you are going to have times based on different time zones, which therefore will cause an impossible scenario in accurately converting times to the base time zone (say PST).  We have three temporary solutions (until Carbine fixes this up): 


- Continue submitting all kills with achievement times recorded and run a mass script to convert times to server (with guild input of what time zone it was based on)

- Apply a temporary 24-hour no decay window for all kills until Carbine adjusts it's achievement tracking window

- Leave it to guilds themselves to manually convert their times to the PST time zone (with provided website) (Least favorable option)



As always keep the feedback coming as we hope to resolve this as soon as possible. 

Localization is coming!

Posted by: Raive 06-09-2014 07:46:56

I promise it is!


- Also we've relaxed the submission time requirement (this is so EU region time submissions won't be hit with the bug of future times)


Updates and Bug Fixes

Posted by: Raive 06-08-2014 21:56:45


- Added in All-Time Standings (Very similar to All-Time Rankings however in a non-point format)

- Fixed mouseover tooltips to remain consistant with viewing type

- Fixed URLs for more consistancy



- Fixed mouseover tooltips to remain consistant with viewing type

- Fixed URLs for more consistancy



- Added in special symbols as guild names are becoming funkier by the day



- Fixed the 0/0 bug...dungeons have mobs...thus 0/0 is impossible.

- Backend optimizations



- Finally got the page updated to show the differences between our current ranking systems.

- As guilds start bringing down raid encounters, we will update it to provide even more clarity.

Guilds have to leave Nexus!

Posted by: Raive 06-04-2014 12:34:54

We noticed there are guilds that registered with servers before the official list was available. With some servers no longer being available, we will need all guilds currently on inactive servers (Nexus primarily) to plalce in a ticket via Contact Us with the server you are currently on and we will have you swapped over. Thanks

And we are live!

Posted by: Raive 06-04-2014 12:28:11

First and foremost, welcome to WildStar Progress! With WildStar now officially launched and guilds underway with the race to raid content, now is a perfect time to go over what this site is and our intentions to bring to the raiding community.


Our #1 mission is to bring the most complete view of WildStar's raiding community and its guilds. All the content on this site is purely player-driven from the kill subsmissions to the actual styles of rankings/standings. We want to help promote both the high-end world 1st chasing guilds to the guilds that raid on the more casual end. Any and all forms of feedback is helpful in making the user experience a pleasant one. (So we hope to hear from everyone reading this)

Now onto what we do on each page


- Standings represent the most basic format of displaying raid progression. You have multiple methods of viewing standings:

- Tier: All content within a specific tier level summarized and ordered based on the highest completion and order the progression occured.
- Dungeon: All encounters within a speicifc dungeon ordered by most completed and in the order the kill occured.
- Encounter: Simplified listing of all kills of the specific encounter.

- All can be sorted out via World, Region, or Servers(Realms).


- Rankings represent point-based systems used to measure the quality/speed of kills vs the 1st kill of a specific encounter. Like standings you will have multiple methods of viewing:

- All-Time: All content from day 1. Every 40/20-Man encounter is accounted for.
- Raid Size: All content for specific raid size. If your guild only does 20-Mans, this is the view for you.
- Dungeon: All encounters in a specific dungeon. This is usually the most popular as its the most current of content guilds usually progressing on.

- We use multiple point ranking systems wiith different methodolgies as there is never a one-size fits all. You can also sort it by this too!
- All can be sorted out via World, Region, or Servers(Realms).


- Each server will have its own page at http://www.wildstar-progress.com/name <--- that being the server name.
- Each page will be broken down via Tiers/Raid Sizes and displayed in a Dungeon Standing format.
- Server pages will only display standings, not rankings.


- "Why isn't this automated yet?", our #1 asked question and with a simple answer of, "When Carbine will allow us, it will happen".
- Kills can be submitted via two methods: Quick Kill Submission menu item at the top of the page, or by logging in and inputting kills via the control panel (only the creator can do this).
- Kill submissions will automatically update standings for the specific guild recieving the kill. The points for a specific kill will be updated every 10 minutes per hour.
- Kills can be only be removed/altered via control panel or submitting a ticket via "Contact Us"

- Side Note: "How Does It Work" page will be updated with the 3 point systems and how they differ from each other. Its just alot of typing and...yeah its alot.

This was as brief of an introduction as I could possibly throw together and hope it sheds some light on what we plan on doing here from now until...well sometime in the future.

As always if there is any feedback/comments you have for us you can reach us at:
Facebook: WildStar Progress
Twitter: WildStarProgres
Skype: Xeonsoldier
Email: administrator@wildstar-progress.com

(If there are any bug/errors happening then most definately contact us asap because we don't like bugs)

If there is a Ranking System you want..

Posted by: Raive 05-11-2014 17:46:01

Feel free to get in touch with us (or me personally as I am making this post) on Skype @ Xeonsolder or via email @ administrator@wildstar-progress.com Would love to get in touch with more community members on how to make this site take off come launch time!

You may notice some breakage..

Posted by: Raive 05-11-2014 15:51:52

But do not be alarmed! We are running some internal testing that may or may not spill over so do not be alarmed. We are looking to go live with possibly 2-3 different ranking systems. If any problems arise, we will be launching with the legacy system (those who are familiar with WoW-Progress will find it similar). We will attempt to go live without having to wipe out any guilds already registered.

Just when you thought we was gone

Posted by: Raive 04-13-2014 21:23:34

After a long hiatus (given lack of information to go off of), we're back to putting work in where it needs to be done.

We are back at work!

Posted by: Raive 01-26-2014 16:01:30

Alright so as most may know, a long hiatus was taken given with the lack of beta and overall raid information provided for WildStar. Now that a good deal of beta has been taken in, it is time for us to get back to work! We have done an entire purge of guild information on this site so for guilds who have registered previously, you will have to register again, both user account and guild account. In the meanwhile we will be adding more test content ourselves.

The difference between Standings and Rankings

Posted by: Raive 07-31-2013 22:04:38
This question has come up time and time again throughout the development of WilStar-Progress.com. I will take a moment to explain the difference and why both are needed.

Standings ("or Active Standings")
Active standings display recent activity among all kill submissions. They are ordered from earliest kill of the latest encounter in a tier or dungeon. This method of listing achievements favors those who are interested in the latest happenings in the raiding community. Active Standings use no point system method in determining how they are listed, the more encounters you down, the higher you will be listed, it is as simple as that.

Rankings ("or Point Ranking System")
This is the bread and butter of all progression tracking. Our point ranking system favors those who not only perform well on encounters, but on multiple encounters. Unlike active standings, rankings are effected by all your encounter performances. Meaning if a guild starts off hot in a dungeon of 12 on the first 3 bosses but then slow down on the next 4, their ranking will take a dive. I will save another post for explaining our point method.

The reason for having two separate methods is two be able to display guild's raiding accomplishments in the way they see fit. Some will like to only know who is in the lead of the latest encounter. Others are more interested in the latest trends in terms of an entire tier or dungeon performance. Being able to view in both ways will allow for much more meaningful ways for WildStar to harness its competitive raiding community.

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