Entity V1 - Vanilla

Server Details
Server Name Entity
Region NA
Guilds 182
Region Firsts 31
World Firsts 14
Redmoon Terror (Normal Mode) Standings
1Enigma7/7 RMT
2Do Not Panic7/7 RMT
3For Science7/7 RMT
4The Flying Pandas7/7 RMT
5Nostalgia5/7 RMT
6Phobos5/7 RMT
7Subterfuge4/7 RMT
8Voodoo4/7 RMT
9The Timeless4/7 RMT
10Ascent4/7 RMT
11The Crescent Order3/7 RMT
12Unreal2/7 RMT
13Succumb1/7 RMT
The Datascape 20 Standings
1Enigma9/9 DS20
2World Last9/9 DS20
3Illicit Activity9/9 DS20
4Mystic9/9 DS20
5Lords of the Dead9/9 DS20
6Drow9/9 DS20
7Phobos9/9 DS20
8The Flying Pandas9/9 DS20
9Cymatics9/9 DS20
10Subterfuge9/9 DS20
11Judgment9/9 DS20
12Bulwark9/9 DS20
13Last Prodigies9/9 DS20
14Do Not Panic9/9 DS20
15Late Night9/9 DS20
16Nostalgia9/9 DS20
17For Science: Reloaded9/9 DS20
18The Crimson Cross9/9 DS20
19The Timeless9/9 DS20
20Ambitious Intent9/9 DS20
21Keepers of the Keg9/9 DS20
22New World Order9/9 DS20
23Afterlife8/9 DS20
24Perfect Constant8/9 DS20
25MistakesWereMade8/9 DS20
26Potential Intensity8/9 DS20
27Uprising8/9 DS20
28GSG8/9 DS20
29Destructive Nature8/9 DS20
30Ascent8/9 DS20
31Interstellar Command8/9 DS20
32Dreadnought8/9 DS20
33Loppy Seconds8/9 DS20
34Beyond The Event Horizon - Late Raid7/9 DS20
35Cold Fusion7/9 DS20
36Nap Time6/9 DS20
37Altercation6/9 DS20
38The Final Frontier6/9 DS20
39Dedicated and Medicated Gaming5/9 DS20
40GatheringStorm5/9 DS20
41Illusion3/9 DS20
42Beyond the Event Horizon2/9 DS20
43Legacy2/9 DS20
44Appletinis2/9 DS20
45Delve Deep1/9 DS20
Genetic Archives Standings
1Enigma6/6 GA
2Voodoo6/6 GA
4Subterfuge6/6 GA
5No Quarter6/6 GA
6Afterlife6/6 GA
7Fierce6/6 GA
8Diplomacy6/6 GA
9Drow6/6 GA
10LD506/6 GA
11Illicit Activity6/6 GA
12Nap Time6/6 GA
13Phobos6/6 GA
14Overzealous Gaming6/6 GA
15Mystic6/6 GA
16Audacity6/6 GA
17Do Not Panic6/6 GA
18Bulwark6/6 GA
19Potential Intensity6/6 GA
20Beyond the Event Horizon6/6 GA
21Judgment6/6 GA
22Lords of the Dead6/6 GA
23The Flying Pandas6/6 GA
24Uprising6/6 GA
25GSG6/6 GA
26Dreadnought6/6 GA
27Destructive Nature6/6 GA
28The Timeless6/6 GA
29Bulwark RG26/6 GA
30Nostalgia6/6 GA
31The Crimson Cross6/6 GA
32Interstellar Command6/6 GA
33Gatlife Afterstars6/6 GA
34Altercation6/6 GA
35Cold Fusion6/6 GA
36The Final Frontier6/6 GA
37Keepers of the Keg6/6 GA
38Last Prodigies6/6 GA
39Cymatics6/6 GA
40Legacy6/6 GA
41Illusion6/6 GA
42New World Order6/6 GA
43The Knights of Good6/6 GA
44CKN5/6 GA
45Mortal5/6 GA
46The Vigilant5/6 GA
47Drow West5/6 GA
48Luminary5/6 GA
49Sin Filled Afterlife5/6 GA
50Ascend5/6 GA
51Syntax5/6 GA
52Quantum5/6 GA
53Few of a Kind5/6 GA
54Few of a Kind - Raid 25/6 GA
55Vinyl5/6 GA
56Wild Dominion5/6 GA
57Innuendo5/6 GA
58Rapid Turtles5/6 GA
59Paradigm4/6 GA
60Conviction4/6 GA
61Crisis4/6 GA
62Censure4/6 GA
63Old Timers Guild4/6 GA
64Delve Deep4/6 GA
65OmniPotence3/6 GA
66Front Liners3/6 GA
67Ex Inferno RG23/6 GA
68Aegis3/6 GA
69ExInferno3/6 GA
70Transcendency3/6 GA
71Hardcore2/6 GA
72Tabula Rasa2/6 GA
73Rule Thirty four2/6 GA
74Corrupted Gaming2/6 GA
75Raiding Inc2/6 GA
76Front Liners (AJ) RG22/6 GA
77Imitatio Dei2/6 GA
78Malignity2/6 GA
79The Drunk Tanks2/6 GA
80Cascade2/6 GA
81Dark Horse2/6 GA
82Merciless2/6 GA
83Insurgence2/6 GA
84Bulwark RG32/6 GA
85Ambitious Intent2/6 GA
86Forgotten Covenant2/6 GA
87Whoo Goes2/6 GA
88Echelon1/6 GA
89Checkmate1/6 GA
90Wrath1/6 GA
91The Hammer Squad1/6 GA
92Coriolis1/6 GA
93Ascension1/6 GA
94Above1/6 GA
95Redemption1/6 GA
96Synapse1/6 GA
97Anomaly1/6 GA
98MegaHurtz1/6 GA
99Cowpocalypse1/6 GA
100TDE1/6 GA
101Malignity Inc1/6 GA
102Unified Theory1/6 GA
103Mutiny1/6 GA
104Autonomy1/6 GA
105RYNO1/6 GA
106Average1/6 GA
107Lost Serenity1/6 GA
108Lucid1/6 GA
109DarkStar Imperium1/6 GA
110Halcyon1/6 GA
111The Magisterium Vanguard1/6 GA
112Eternal Vigilance1/6 GA
113Dedicated and Medicated Gaming1/6 GA
114Midnight Terrors1/6 GA
115KORE1/6 GA
116Gatlike Gangstars1/6 GA
117PCGOA1/6 GA
The Datascape Standings
1Enigma9/9 DS
2Diplomacy8/9 DS
3Subterfuge7/9 DS
4Illicit Activity6/9 DS
5Voodoo3/9 DS
6Afterlife2/9 DS
7Drow2/9 DS
8Do Not Panic1/9 DS
9Nap Time1/9 DS
10Beyond the Event Horizon1/9 DS
11Mystic1/9 DS
12The Final Frontier1/9 DS
13Nostalgia1/9 DS
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
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