Jabbit V1 - Vanilla

Server Details
Server Name Jabbit
Region EU
Guilds 186
Region Firsts 31
World Firsts 17
Redmoon Terror (Normal Mode) Standings
1Codex7/7 RMT
2The Utopia7/7 RMT
3Cupcakes7/7 RMT
4Bloodpact7/7 RMT
5The Nihilism Theory6/7 RMT
6Perseverance5/7 RMT
7l Ascension l5/7 RMT
8NextLab3/7 RMT
9A Guild2/7 RMT
10Origination2/7 RMT
The Datascape 20 Standings
1Codex9/9 DS20
2Eugenified9/9 DS20
3The Utopia9/9 DS20
4l Ascension l9/9 DS20
5Symbiosis9/9 DS20
6Bloodpact9/9 DS20
7Les Solaris9/9 DS20
8War Legend9/9 DS20
9Cynical9/9 DS20
10Perseverance9/9 DS20
11Mystery9/9 DS20
12Immortalis Noctis9/9 DS20
13Lokes List9/9 DS20
14Za Drots9/9 DS20
15The Nihilism Theory9/9 DS20
16Venus Rising9/9 DS20
17Evade9/9 DS20
18Innocentia9/9 DS20
19Hyped9/9 DS20
20Cupcakes9/9 DS20
21Asellus9/9 DS20
22Forged from Chaos9/9 DS20
23Novus9/9 DS20
24Origination9/9 DS20
25Grassroots9/9 DS20
27Catharsis8/9 DS20
28Piece of Cake8/9 DS20
29Rampage8/9 DS20
30I like my chua medium raw8/9 DS20
31Poulpe Fiction8/9 DS20
32Absolute Zero Esp8/9 DS20
33Animus8/9 DS20
34Conclave of Darkshire8/9 DS20
35Skywatch8/9 DS20
36You Take No Candy7/9 DS20
37Pelikany7/9 DS20
38VII6/9 DS20
39Brass Knuckles6/9 DS20
40MOOF6/9 DS20
41S'enflamme6/9 DS20
42Aqua Team Hunger Force5/9 DS20
43BlueScreen Of Death5/9 DS20
44The Theory5/9 DS20
45Tempest DE5/9 DS20
46Nerthus5/9 DS20
47Vrede3/9 DS20
48Chua Chups3/9 DS20
49Cartharsis1/9 DS20
50Supercollider1/9 DS20
51Dissidence1/9 DS20
52After Forever1/9 DS20
Genetic Archives Standings
1Eugenic6/6 GA
2War Legend6/6 GA
3Codex6/6 GA
4Chase6/6 GA
5Flatline6/6 GA
6Instinct6/6 GA
7Modified6/6 GA
8Dunning Kruger6/6 GA
9Fixed Internally6/6 GA
10Check And Burst6/6 GA
11l Ascension l6/6 GA
12Lokes List6/6 GA
13The Utopia6/6 GA
14Equilibrium6/6 GA
15Ex Inferno EU6/6 GA
16Za Drots6/6 GA
17Les Solaris6/6 GA
18Aqua Team Hunger Force6/6 GA
19Incendium6/6 GA
20Vanguard6/6 GA
21Symbiosis6/6 GA
22SiN6/6 GA
23Rampage6/6 GA
24Revolution6/6 GA
25Mystery6/6 GA
26Catharsis6/6 GA
27Vrede6/6 GA
28Bad Karma6/6 GA
29Piece of Cake6/6 GA
30BlueScreen Of Death6/6 GA
31Venus Rising6/6 GA
32Asellus6/6 GA
33Echoes6/6 GA
34The Theory6/6 GA
35The Nihilism Theory6/6 GA
36Forged from Chaos6/6 GA
37Elux6/6 GA
38Virtus Animae6/6 GA
39I like my chua medium raw6/6 GA
40Cynical6/6 GA
41Tempest DE6/6 GA
42TempestDE6/6 GA
43VII6/6 GA
44Poulpe Fiction6/6 GA
45S'enflamme6/6 GA
46Absolute Zero Esp6/6 GA
47Wild Cards6/6 GA
48Bloodpact6/6 GA
49Perseverance6/6 GA
50Supercollider6/6 GA
51Conclave of Darkshire6/6 GA
52MOOF6/6 GA
53Cookies and Crumble6/6 GA
54Innocentia6/6 GA
55Novus6/6 GA
56Grassroots6/6 GA
57Evade6/6 GA
58Epiphany6/6 GA
59Hyped6/6 GA
60You Take No Candy6/6 GA
61Star Bears6/6 GA
62After Forever6/6 GA
63Chua Chups6/6 GA
64Animus6/6 GA
65Nerthus6/6 GA
66Skywatch6/6 GA
67Origination6/6 GA
68Disaster Area6/6 GA
69massyx5/6 GA
70Total Fluke5/6 GA
71Exuldefy5/6 GA
72Kossu and Keppana Inc.5/6 GA
73Ampitere5/6 GA
74Pulse4/6 GA
75Tetris4/6 GA
76Blackhand4/6 GA
77Paradoxe4/6 GA
78Extoris3/6 GA
79Anomalie3/6 GA
80Inner Sanctum2/6 GA
81Night Watch2/6 GA
82Arise2/6 GA
83Invigorate2/6 GA
84Distilled Madness2/6 GA
85Zealots2/6 GA
86Excidia2/6 GA
87QED2/6 GA
88Augure2/6 GA
89EPIC2/6 GA
90Keepers of the Oath2/6 GA
91Not Available2/6 GA
92Born To Down2/6 GA
93Friendly Fire2/6 GA
94Legions2/6 GA
95Grim Wolves2/6 GA
96DoRF2/6 GA
97Therapie1/6 GA
98Zodiac Gaming1/6 GA
99Cake or Death1/6 GA
101Outcast1/6 GA
102Mass Defect1/6 GA
103Defection1/6 GA
104Inevitable Betrayal1/6 GA
105Fanatic and Illicit Logic1/6 GA
106Disclaimer1/6 GA
107Dawn1/6 GA
108FriendlyFire1/6 GA
109Enigma EU1/6 GA
110Nefarious EU1/6 GA
111LoadingOfSkillz1/6 GA
112Bluescreen1/6 GA
113Landsraad1/6 GA
114Sweet Symphony1/6 GA
115Rowsdower Roughnecks1/6 GA
116Made An Effort1/6 GA
117Steam Squad1/6 GA
The Datascape Standings
1Modified8/9 DS
2Eugenic8/9 DS
3Codex8/9 DS
4The Utopia5/9 DS
5Symbiosis4/9 DS
6Aqua Team Hunger Force3/9 DS
7l Ascension l2/9 DS
8Catharsis1/9 DS
9Fixed Internally1/9 DS
10S'enflamme1/9 DS
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
RR Region Rank
SR Server Rank
CR Country Rank