The Robomination Progression Standings

Encounter Details
Name The Robomination
Tier Vanilla (V1)
Dungeon Redmoon Terror (Normal Mode)
Raid Size 20
WW Clears 88
NA Clears 48
EU Clears 40
First Kill Codex
Recent Kill Origination
Jabbit Standings
RankGuildDate Completed
1Codex08/17/2016 13:53
2The Utopia08/18/2016 19:33
3Cupcakes09/01/2016 18:43
4Bloodpact09/01/2016 20:06
5Perseverance09/04/2016 18:16
6l Ascension l09/15/2016 20:03
7The Nihilism Theory10/06/2016 21:40
8A Guild01/09/2017 12:20
9NextLab02/10/2017 22:46
10Origination04/03/2017 22:31
Luminai Standings
No data found.
Entity Standings
RankGuildDate Completed
1Enigma08/17/2016 14:51
2Subterfuge08/18/2016 03:15
3Do Not Panic08/19/2016 04:02
4Voodoo08/23/2016 02:04
5The Flying Pandas08/31/2016 03:31
6Nostalgia09/23/2016 02:22
7For Science10/03/2016 21:52
8Phobos10/13/2016 15:42
9The Timeless10/24/2016 05:14
10Ascent12/14/2016 03:00
11The Crescent Order01/11/2017 03:09
12Unreal02/20/2017 05:31
Warhound Standings
No data found.
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
RR Region Rank
SR Server Rank
CR Country Rank