The Datascape 20 Progression Standings

Dungeon Details
Name The Datascape 20
Tier Vanilla (V1)
Raid Size 20
Encounters 9
Release Date February 03 2015
EU Time Diff N/A
WW Clears 49
NA Clears 23
EU Clears 26
First Clear Enigma
Recent Clear WILDCORP
World Standings
1EnigmaEntity9/9 DS20
2CodexJabbit9/9 DS20
3EugenifiedJabbit9/9 DS20
4World LastEntity9/9 DS20
5Illicit ActivityEntity9/9 DS20
6The UtopiaJabbit9/9 DS20
7MysticEntity9/9 DS20
8l Ascension lJabbit9/9 DS20
9SymbiosisJabbit9/9 DS20
10BloodpactJabbit9/9 DS20
11Lords of the DeadEntity9/9 DS20
12DrowEntity9/9 DS20
13Les SolarisJabbit9/9 DS20
14War LegendJabbit9/9 DS20
15PhobosEntity9/9 DS20
16The Flying PandasEntity9/9 DS20
17CynicalJabbit9/9 DS20
18PerseveranceJabbit9/9 DS20
19CymaticsEntity9/9 DS20
20MysteryJabbit9/9 DS20
21Immortalis NoctisJabbit9/9 DS20
22Lokes ListJabbit9/9 DS20
23SubterfugeEntity9/9 DS20
24JudgmentEntity9/9 DS20
25BulwarkEntity9/9 DS20
26Za DrotsJabbit9/9 DS20
27The Nihilism TheoryJabbit9/9 DS20
28Venus RisingJabbit9/9 DS20
29Last ProdigiesEntity9/9 DS20
30Do Not PanicEntity9/9 DS20
31Late NightEntity9/9 DS20
32EvadeJabbit9/9 DS20
33InnocentiaJabbit9/9 DS20
34HypedJabbit9/9 DS20
35CupcakesJabbit9/9 DS20
36NostalgiaEntity9/9 DS20
37AsellusJabbit9/9 DS20
38For Science: ReloadedEntity9/9 DS20
39MVPWarhound9/9 DS20
40Forged from ChaosJabbit9/9 DS20
41The Crimson CrossEntity9/9 DS20
42NovusJabbit9/9 DS20
43The TimelessEntity9/9 DS20
44Ambitious IntentEntity9/9 DS20
45Keepers of the KegEntity9/9 DS20
46New World OrderEntity9/9 DS20
47OriginationJabbit9/9 DS20
48GrassrootsJabbit9/9 DS20
49WILDCORPJabbit9/9 DS20
50AfterlifeEntity8/9 DS20
51Perfect ConstantEntity8/9 DS20
52CatharsisJabbit8/9 DS20
53Piece of CakeJabbit8/9 DS20
54RampageJabbit8/9 DS20
55MistakesWereMadeEntity8/9 DS20
56Potential IntensityEntity8/9 DS20
57UprisingEntity8/9 DS20
58GSGEntity8/9 DS20
59I like my chua medium rawJabbit8/9 DS20
60Destructive NatureEntity8/9 DS20
61Poulpe FictionJabbit8/9 DS20
62AscentEntity8/9 DS20
63Hazak HeroesLuminai8/9 DS20
64Interstellar CommandEntity8/9 DS20
65Absolute Zero EspJabbit8/9 DS20
66DreadnoughtEntity8/9 DS20
67AnimusJabbit8/9 DS20
68Loppy SecondsEntity8/9 DS20
69Conclave of DarkshireJabbit8/9 DS20
70SkywatchJabbit8/9 DS20
71Beyond The Event Horizon - Late RaidEntity7/9 DS20
72Cold FusionEntity7/9 DS20
73You Take No CandyJabbit7/9 DS20
74PelikanyJabbit7/9 DS20
75Nap TimeEntity6/9 DS20
76VIIJabbit6/9 DS20
77AltercationEntity6/9 DS20
78The Final FrontierEntity6/9 DS20
79Brass KnucklesJabbit6/9 DS20
80MOOFJabbit6/9 DS20
81S'enflammeJabbit6/9 DS20
82Aqua Team Hunger ForceJabbit5/9 DS20
83BlueScreen Of DeathJabbit5/9 DS20
84The TheoryJabbit5/9 DS20
85Dedicated and Medicated GamingEntity5/9 DS20
86Tempest DEJabbit5/9 DS20
87GatheringStormEntity5/9 DS20
88NerthusJabbit5/9 DS20
89VredeJabbit3/9 DS20
90IllusionEntity3/9 DS20
91Chua ChupsJabbit3/9 DS20
92Beyond the Event HorizonEntity2/9 DS20
93LegacyEntity2/9 DS20
94AppletinisEntity2/9 DS20
95CartharsisJabbit1/9 DS20
96-=Haki Miza=-Luminai1/9 DS20
97Delve DeepEntity1/9 DS20
98SupercolliderJabbit1/9 DS20
99DissidenceJabbit1/9 DS20
100After ForeverJabbit1/9 DS20
WF World First
RF Region First
SF Server First
CF Country First
WR World Rank
RR Region Rank
SR Server Rank
CR Country Rank